Beyond the boundaries of risk
Before birth, during life and after death
Our Vision and Mission
Since its inception, human life has kept evolving continuously, in a more and more unstoppableand global process. Anyways, behind every conquest there is and always will be a potential distorted use of what was thought to be created for the good. Today human life is way larger than what we can actually see. Our human digital and biological projection is infinitely broader than our physical existence: it begins even before we are born, and persists over time, even well beyond our biological life.

Wallife is the first company in the world able to provide answers about safety and protection from still unknown risks.

Wallife studies and investigates the new boundaries of the risks, originated by the technological and scientific progress, linked to the existence of the human being itself, on both a biological and a digital level. Before birth, during life and after death.
Our Activity
Our activity primarily consists in the identification of the new risks. Subsequently, we envision and design the ways people can be protected, through the use of current available technologies or the development of new ones.
Then, we analyze and assess the costs of receiving such protections.

In the same way, we want to start researching and prototyping the future commercial development of insurance products for the protection from risks that already exist but are not guaranteed by the current products/offers.
Before birth
Research Topics
  • Genetic research and
    potential manipulations
  • Protection of personal
    genetic data
  • Sperm / oocytes
  • Umbilical cord
  • Stamina cells
  • Fertility / infertility data
  • Fraudulent paternity / maternity
During life
Research Topics
  • Use of biometric, health,
    and behavioral data
  • Diseases due to genetic
  • Vaccines / blood / organs / DNA
  • Bio hacking
  • Biometric data cloning (face, voice,
    fingerprints, etc.)
  • Biological data cloning (organs,
After death
Research Topics
  • Use of biological material
  • Use of digital data (reputation)
  • Cloning / Cryopreservation
  • Improper use of biological material
  • Cloning of brain / digital knowledge
  • Fraudulent use of digital personal data
    stored in social media
  • Reputazione post mortem

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