Rome, 8 July 2022 - A Board of Directors in the Metaverses, the first-ever in Italy. It was hosted by Wallife, the Italian Insurtech start-up focused on protecting the individual from risks arising from technological innovation and scientific progress in the three areas of genetics, biometrics and biohacking.


The meeting was attended by the four members of the Board: Fabio Sbianchi, Founder & Chairman of Wallife; Maria Enrica Angelone, Wallife CEO, and Andrea Dini, Aptafin, who attended from Wallife’s Rome office in Via Vittorio Veneto; Yuri Narozniak, Datafolio, joined remotely with his own VR viewer.


The adoption of this highly innovative modality is entirely in line with Wallife's mission: to go beyond the boundaries of risks associated with technological and scientific progress to design new ways of protecting individuals.


"The goal is to use new technologies first-hand to get a broader view of the innovations around us and to understand how they can impact the lives of human beings," said Fabio Sbianchi, Founder and Chairman of Wallife. From this point of view, Wallife is constantly paying attention to social and technological changes. "We believe that the metaverse will radically change how we work, as well as the actions we do every day," Sbianchi further commented, anticipating that all future Board meetings will be organised in virtual reality to explore new ways of collaboration between people.